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Gta San AndreasIf you are looking for the best action-adventure game, Gta San Andreas is what you want the most. It was released in 2005, published and developed by Rockstar Games. This game was released after Gta Vice City, which is still played mostly all over the world. If you want to compare it with vice city then you will see that rockstar had made some good improvements in this release. There is much more adventure like you jump from the building you can use your parachute, if you have one, to fly. And on the other hand you can't do that. Another cool thing is you can swim in the deep sea and will die just like you die in vice city.

Inspite of this there are also good helicopers, ships, jets and each of the characters are voiced well in san andreas. There are also some good guns and rocket launchers out there which you will get as soon as you will have money and the misssion in which these armors are provided. Another good feature is you can eat food and drink to make your stamina. You can also join Jim to increase your muscles.

Gta San Andreas System Requirements:

1GHz Pentuim III
8x Speed DVD Drive
3.6 GB Hard Disk Space
64MB Video Card
DirectX 9 compatable sound & video drivers
Keyboard, mouse

Recommended System Requirements:
Intel Pentuim 4
RAM: 384MB
16x Speed DVD Drive
Hard Disk Space 4.7GB
Video Card 128MB
DirectX 9
Keyboard, mouse or game pad

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Download Gta San Andreas
Download Gta San Andreas
Download Gta San Andreas
Download Gta San Andreas
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Gta San Andreas Download

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